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Ultimate guide to buying property in Cyprus

Buying an overseas property in Cyprus is probably the largest investment in the island that you will ever make. Don't you deserve the best information & advice you can get?

After buying my guide, many people have contacted me about their experiences of buying property here. Some have been kind enough to include a few words of thanks and, with their permission, I've printed a selection of their correspondence below.

If I haven't convinced you that my property guide is the best investment you'll ever make, see below and read what others have said.

Buying property in Cyprus: reviews & testimonials

Reviewer: Nina Kelley (Daily Telegraph)

Essential reading for anyone considering buying property in Cyprus. (Click here to read the full review on the 'Daily Telegraph' website)

Reviewer: Clive Fletcher

This is the book all the developers, lawyers and estate agents in Cyprus would love to have banned and burnt.

Reviewer: Chris Wright

Your Buying a Home in Cyprus Guide is truly excellent!

I was a bit tentative about buying it because I got another guide from xxx but it was full of adverts for property developers and estate agents and so out of date, I didn’t want to be conned out of more money.

We’re visiting Cyprus in November and I hope you and your wife will join us for dinner one evening – on us of course!

Reviewers: Conor & Michaela O’Dwyer

It is the bible for property purchase in Cyprus.

Reviewer: Gurnos Stonuary

We have found your book to be a great help and used the sheets included in your book to carry out an inspection on the property that we intend to purchase last weekend. Very many thanks!

Thanks also for Cyprus Property News which again has been and I know will continue to be of great interest.

Reviewer: Nancy Yorke

If you are considering purchasing a Cyprus property don't do anything until you have read "Buying a Home in Cyprus" by Nigel Howarth. If it had not been for the invaluable information contained in this book and the guidance and experience of the author I would have now have been the owner of a house that was unsaleable situated on land that I would probably never owned. I could have lost the whole of my life savings and never realised the dream of living in the sun.

The book is invaluable. It was not until I had agreed to use the solicitor recommended by the agent that I read the book only to realise the mistakes I had already made. I took the book with me and used the information in the guide to help inspect the property. I never would have considered a quarter of the checks I had to make.

The advice is straightforward and easy to understand but will ensure that you are protected by your contract and don't have to pursue developers for Title Deeds often through lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

The book can also save you thousands on cancellation fees should you wish to sell your property. Most people would not know that you can buy Cyprus property that has a significant mortgage on the land. This book tells you how to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that you don't purchase property that could cause financial ruin.

Of all the books and literature I have read on purchasing Cyprus property none can compare to the advice contained within these pages. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Reviewer: Andrew Baird

Thanks for your book. I received it today and have read the first few pages. I already know enough to be certain that your book will save me a lot of time and money. They shouldn't let would-be purchasers out of Paphos Airport without buying a copy first!

Reviewer: David Williams

I’m pleased to say that my wife and I recently bought a property at Kathikas and everything went through very smoothly and we’ve just had a call from our solicitor to say that our Title Deeds are ready for collection.

Thank you so much. Without your help we would have ended up with all sorts of problems. We showed our solicitor your guide and she was very impressed. She said that she was going to contact you and get several copies for her office!

Thanks again and when you're next in Kathikas, be sure to call in and see us.

Reviewer: Tim Morgan

A very helpful, informative and practical guide. The knowledge and experience that the author shares are worth their weight in gold, particularly in the minefield that is property in Cyprus.

In the words of an earlier reviewer - "I cannot recommend this book more highly."

Reviewers: Sue & Lance Streeter

Lance and I found Nigel Howarth’s book invaluable.

We went over Easter will take delivery at Christmas, in Agia Triada. The book was our check list when we went out to view properties.

I took it with me when we signed the contract, my solicitor presumed I knew what I was talking about, but of course it was because I had read his book a few times and insisted I wanted certain clauses in the contract that Nigel had quoted in his book.

We all think we know it all but the trouble is you don’t know what you don’t know! I have bought properties in the UK at auction so you would think that I would be fairly clued up about property. However it’s a different ball game out there, different things to look for especially in a new build and to be fair you can get carried away with the environment.

We have been lucky because:

1. We did the research, (not enough).

2. We read Nigel’s book, and applied it. Then we realised what we did not know!!

However when we were negotiating with the builder and the agent, it did make us look like we knew what we were talking about which is why I think we got the deal that we did.

I am convinced this book saved us thousands I recommend it to everyone thinking of buying property in Cyprus.

Reviewer: Elizabeth McPhee

I wish this book had been available when we took the plunge. My advice to anybody thinking of buying in the future is to buy it.

As it turns out our problems seem a bit trivial compared to some others but it was still a stressful time.

Reviewer: Richard Notton

I bought the book, excellent!!!

Can never do too much research although I'm surprised how dumb some people are...

Reviewer: Tim Lane

I have received your book, thank you very much. I just finished reading it, I have learnt so much in three hours!

Our decision to not to fly out in May this year has been overturned; now we fly. Your book puts the risks and our fears into context and is a very easy ready.

You have given us the confidence to recognise the warning signs, you can be sure this book is going with us.

Reviewer: Marcela Macias de Hadzimehmedi

We bought an apartment in Nicosia, and thanks to your book and your advice, we have a clean title deed and no problems! Thank you so much!

I hope many more people will follow your advice so as to prevent problems and enjoy life in Cyprus!

Reviewers: Christine and David Lake

My husband and I felt we should write to you and thank you for your brilliant guide. We’ve spent several evenings reading though it and we are both very impressed by the amount of information and advice it contains. Everything is explained in detail and it is so easy to read.

We are thinking of buying a piece of land and building a villa and found the sections on buying land and building an individual property very useful indeed.

Thanks again

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